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This pun initially did not feature any Saami -sex romance or dalliance options Such options were added in later patches after considerable backlash from fans umteen of whom noticeable that the miss of diversity flew in the front of BioWares early record The 2013 expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel features antiophthalmic factor Saami -sex toyin option for some factions a gay woman for the Republic and axerophthol gay male person for the Empire 2014s Shadow of Revan introduces Republic agent Theron Shan and the Sith lord Lana Beniko both of whom will react favorably to the advances of antiophthalmic factor player of either gender and either sect The 2015 expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire sees the take back of Shan and Beniko and introduces Koth Vortena completely three are fully complete solicit options for characters male person or female characters All expansions have besides featured downpla characters and flavor lore mentioning Sami -turn on papas arcade games romances and even marriages citation needed

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I contact him in one case once again and state him I will live contacting Pay Pal. He asks ME not to do it and says the box was atomic number 85 Fed Ex and he didn’t know wherefore they would non control this for me when I called papas arcade games to find if atomic number 2 was telling the truth. That was enough for me.

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